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Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Cooking at home is the biggest way to stay in control over what you eat, making healthy eating that much easier!

If you're not one to love cooking just yet, I encourage you to take a few steps to upgrade your kitchen so that you can create a fun environment to be in. A few key kitchen items will help you make cooking easier and help you keep doing it!

Creating a healthy kitchen environment is so essential to a healthy lifestyle that it is part of my online 6 week program where I help guide you through a kitchen upgrade from pantry to spice rack!

Here's my top list of my personal favorite kitchen gadgets - the things I use most often that help save me the most time and make my cooking efficient!

*The inks presented in this list are affiliate links that help support my efforts to continue providing healthy recipes and free support for you to live a healthy lifestyle. Your support is appreciated, thank you!


1) Mixing bowls

Starting off with the basics, but you can really never have too many mixing bowls. I like to have at least one set of metal and one set of glass bowls so that I have a microwave-safe option.

2) Sharp Knives

Chopping fruits and veggies with dull knives might be my biggest pet peeve there is. I try to sharpen my knives regularly and made sure we registered for quality knives when we got married. They've been worth every penny and have gotten a lot of use over the years! Maybe all you need is a good knife sharpener, an easy fix!

3) Glass Food Storage

I love a good Food Prep Day to make the week easier, so to prep food in advance you'll need some durable and safe food storage. For kids' lunches, these affordable lunch boxes are perfect!

4) Silicone Utensils

Silicone is a great option that can stand high heat, is easy to clean, and lasts a long time. You don't need to risk any plastic bits baking off into your food with these! These little silicone muffin cups do double duty to make cute lunchbox dividers.

5) Pots and Pans

A general stainless set will last forever and can make just about anything. This carbon steel pan will help you sear the best steak of your life. And a set of loaf pans are always essential for meatloafs and bread. Fill your cupboards with heavy duty pans and you'll be all set!