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15 Gifts any Mom would LOVE {Fitness Edition}

Looking for the perfect gift to show your support for the mom striving for her fitness goals?

Below is a complete list of the 15 items she would love that will bring her further in her fitness journey.

This kind of gift is really unmatched, especially for someone just starting out on their fitness goals.

Giving a fitness gift is also another way to help them enjoy the holiday without the temptation of treats, chocolates, and goodies that can throw off their progress.

Opting for an item versus a treat gives them motivation towards her goals instead of anxiety trying to "be good" during what can be the hardest time of year to see results.

It can be really difficult going through the holidays when you have a weight loss or fitness goal, so when someone gives you that little - or big - nudge that says "hey, you're going to be successful, and I'm here for you" can truly mean the world.

Now here's the list you've been waiting for - 15 gift ideas for the mom with a fitness goal:

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Help her build a home gym:


Help her look the part:


Other must-have gear for her workouts:


For healthy eating in the kitchen:

This list contains so many of my personal essentials that help me keep a healthy lifestyle and make it easier to exercise and eat healthy.

As a trainer, I know that clients are more successful when they have the support and encouragement of the people closest to them.

I hope this list gives you plenty of ideas to gift your friend, wife or mom as they pursue their fitness goals this coming year.

I'd love to know what other ideas you may have as well! Leave a comment with your suggestions 🤍


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