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Simple & Quick Egg Salad

Eggs are usually my go-to source of protein. I eat them almost every day for breakfast and part of my weekly food prep is to boil a handful of eggs in my Instant Pot.

My kids like to eat those hard boiled eggs plain, but I like to jazz them up a bit and make this amazing egg salad. Using a rice cake is really my way to add a dose of crunch without something like toast just to save me a few carbs and the gluten which can do bad things to my tummy.

Add this recipe to your meal plan for a protein-packed lunch!


2 hard boiled eggs

2 Tbsp mayo

1/2 tsp mustard

1 tsp dill pickle juice

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper


1) Peel the eggs and add them to a bowl, mash them up a bit.

2) Add remaining ingredients and mix to combine.

3) Enjoy your egg salad on a rice cake or two or even on a bed of greens.


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