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BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed potatoes have added a fun spin on traditional meals that comply with real food eating as you remove refined carbs like bread or pasta.

Don't fear a potato, white or sweet, they can definitely have a place in a healthy diet geared towards fat loss. In my program, The Simple, Real Food Solution, you learn how to eat these starches to allow for continual fat loss.

This quick dinner is perfect to plan ahead for with a food prep day. Pre-cook and shred the chicken during your food prep so that when it comes to dinner time all you have to do is cook the potatoes and heat the chicken and bbq sauce through and you're basically done!


1 cup cooked, shredded chicken

1 sweet potato per person (or half a potato for the littles)

1/2 Tbsp butter for each potato

1/4 cup diced green onions

1/8 cup diced red onion

Salt and pepper to taste


1) Pierce with a fork the sweet potato skin all around. Microwave potatoes in 2 minute intervals, flipping them over after each interval, until they can be easily pierced with a fork all the way through. Takes about 4-6 minutes depending on your microwave and potato size.

2) Meanwhile, heat the chicken and bbq sauce together until hot, either on the stove or the microwave.

3) Assemble the meal by cutting open a sweet potato, fluffing up the inside a bit, topping the potato off with butter, salt and pepper, bbq chicken, and the onions.

For more ideas on food prep, more recipes and even monthly meal plans join my free Meal Planning Made Simple Facebook group!


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