When your doctor gives you the green light to workout, where should you start? 

Most women are anxious and ready to lose the baby weight and feel confident again after spending about a year sacrificing their bodies for someone else. 

But what our doctors may fail to tell us is that we aren't ready to jump back in to the type of exercise that we may have done prior to pregnancy. 


Our body needs the proper time and considerations to heal and reconnect before we dive back into exercise like we did prior to pregnancy.

Unfortunately, most fitness programs don't consider us moms who have undergone this amazing body transformation of creating, delivering and now caring for a little human! Diastasis recti, pelvic pain, prolapse or leaking can be common issues you're dealing with after having a baby and not many fitness programs are designed to help fix those issues.

That's why this program was created!

Your body has undergone pregnancy, delivery, and recovery and you're now ready to rebuild it the healthy way!

Every Mom Should Be Strong

Being strong and feeling your best not only boosts your confidence as you rock your jeans, but it also makes motherhood more enjoyable! 

The food we eat is our fuel and the foundation to lasting health.

More energy allows you the ability to keep up with your kids and do more of what you love.

Your core is the basis of your strength, and unfortunately there aren't many fitness programs that consider postpartum moms to begin exercising safely. Transforming your mom bod begins at the core, reconnecting these muscles to work for you instead of against you - aka: lose the mom pooch and jump without hesitation!


The fitness and food requirements of a mom is unique.

We are giving all of ourselves every day. We manage sleepless nights and early mornings. We sacrifice our time and energy for these little ones who have taken up our hearts. We need fitness and fat loss to be simple.


If it's not simple, it won't happen. 


We have to be smart about our postpartum fitness with the right tools and the right steps to achieve the vision of a strong, lean body.

Let me guide these steps for a strong post-baby body!