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Ways to $ave to Buy More

One of the biggest myths out there when it comes to living a healthy life is that it is expensive.

I agree and disagree. I agree that sometimes produce and high quality meat can be pricey. But I also agree that we splurge in SO many other areas of our life where we don't need to. Taking a look at where you spend your money will be an insight to what is most valuable to you. If healthy eating is important you will make spending decisions to make it happen.

In my opinion, spending money on quality food is the most valuable thing I could spend it on. The food my family and I eat supports everything else we do, including saving money on our health in the long run.

I'm a stay at home mom, my family of 4 lives on one income and we eat healthy meals every single day. I love budgeting and finding good deals. We've been through tough financial times which forced me to find some pretty amazing ways to save money in all areas of my life and I want to share them with you!

Some are surprising, some take some discipline, but if you are able to cut down on some spending you will absolutely find enough cash to fuel your family with healthy food, too!

15 Ways to Save Money For Better Health

1) Buy frozen produce

Fruits and veggies can be spendy, depending on where you shop. Search for local discount grocery stores to find fresh produce at a great price. If you don't have one around, or if you don't love driving all over the place for groceries, walk down the frozen aisle! My freezer is usually packed with a bag of stir fry veggies, frozen peas, frozen diced sweet potatoes, green beans, and all sorts of berries and fruit. It's less food prep time and my kids LOVE their fruit smoothies.

2) Meal plan every week

If you've been hanging around here for any length of time you know my love for meal planning. It gives you direction and purpose for when you do your shopping. You buy what you need for the meals you plan so that everything will be eaten before it goes bad. Get free monthly meal plans and start saving!

3) Stick to your list

Of course after you meal plan you create a grocery list. When you're browsing around at the store I know it's tempting to grab things off the dollar section shelves or give in to your toddler's desires (or your own) as you stroll through the store. But sticking to your list will be the key to making that meal plan worth it! Get some accountability - your budget is a great accountability partner.

4) Buy meat in bulk

Once a month I do a big Costco trip to restock our deep freezer with a variety of meat. Ground beef, ground turkey, chicken breasts, pork roasts, bacon and breakfast sausages are usually stocked up in my house.

5) Make your own coffee

The biggest waste of money is buying your coffee from a coffee shop. There, I said it. Brew your own coffee at home. Make it easy, set up the automatic start, and wake up to cheap but yummy coffee. I add heavy whipping cream to my coffee instead of creamers and it will change your life!

...those are my top tips for food buys at the grocery store.

6) Swap makeup remover for microfiber cloths

Literally all you need to do is buy these microfiber rags, add water and gently wipe away all of your makeup at the end of the day. It works wonders! If you have any sort of waterproof makeup or if your toddler went a little crazy with the lipstick, just rub in a touch of coconut oil to the rag and it will help remove it all. You can even use a few for all of your cleaning needs. So many ways to use these rags. Cheap, multifunctional, and reusable!

7) Use a menstrual cup instead of disposables

Speaking of reusable... It took me a while to be a believer with this one. But I've gotten the hang of these and have been using them for over a year now, saving on average about $10/month! Plus my period is less painful with less cramping and there's no worries about chemicals being absorbed into my body. I have this brand, it's cheaper than the popular name brands and works just as well in my opinion.

8) Workout at home

Mom life for me requires at-home workouts. You can get the workouts I do every day right here. Little by little my home gym as grown with relatively cheap equipment I've found on Amazon, Target or even gently used. Buying a piece of equipment I can keep forever is money well spent versus a monthly membership I may not even use. Resistance bands are a great place to get started with your home gym.

9) Pay off all debt

Highly recommend this one ASAP! Every monthly payment you have is a chain. You become a slave to the lender and it's money down the drain - especially if you have a car payment. Use all of your energy to pay off student loans, car payments (heck, just sell that car!), or credit cards. My husband and I have been debt-free for over a year now and the freedom it has brought us is amazing! Visit the debt-free man himself, Dave Ramsey. Following his guidelines will save your wallet and your future.

10) Buy metal straws

Another reusable item! Disposable kitchen items can usually be swapped out for something you can use over and over. I've found that Amazon or TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods are the best places to look for cheap metal or silicone straws. It's environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run too - win, win!

11) Pack your lunch

Getting lunch every weekday could cost you about $50/week or more. For me that'd be half of my Aldi trip for the week! Get a reusable lunch box for you and the littles and fill it with a simple chicken salad or leftovers.

12) Paint your own nails

I used to love painting my nails - before I had kids. I don't have time for it anymore, nor do I really care to be honest. But when I do, I always do them myself. Saving a trip to the nail salon could save you $25 per month or more!

13) Use Facebook Marketplace

I might be slightly addicted to this... but it's because I've gotten such awesome deals on stuff! I've seen Instant Pots, Ninja Blenders (I bought mine through Facebook), workout equipment, clothes for the kids - anything - all at great deals. Take a quick browse through Marketplace and see if you can't find what you're looking for there first. I just stocked my kid's winter gear this way and saved us a good $75 or more. Plus, you can sell your stuff to make money too! I do this all the time to add some cash in my pocket and get rid of stuff I don't need or use.

14) Use a water bottle

If you still drink your calories through soda, flavored water, juice or energy drinks then this one little swap will do wonders for your health along with your budget! This water bottle has awesome reviews, but any water bottle will do.