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Strong Mom Bod - the heart behind the jeans

^^that right there is now launched!

This week my latest -- Strong Mom Bod online program -- is out in the world, and it is the proof that God will bring you to where you're supposed to be even when you feel like you're going through life blind! [Prov. 3:6]

This program is the result of my own food and fitness journey before and after becoming a mom. My past is filled with difficult sugar cravings, some disordered eating along with overexercise and lots of calorie/food counting that became obsessive.

I found my peace with food and fitness the more I learned and understood how the body works and how I can support it instead of fight it. Motherhood adds a whole other aspect to loving your body after watching it grow and shift and change.

"I found my peace with food and fitness the more I ... understood how the body works and how I can support it instead of fight it."

It will always be my stance that moms are the strongest people this planet has to offer. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and more. We find this strength because we have to. There are little ones relying on us to be strong (and by the way, when you feel your weakest and you're doing your best, you are truly so strong!).

Improving your food and fitness is just one way to support your inner strength you already have! When you can do life with less pain, more ability, endurance or more energy you can enjoy these precious years as a mom of young ones so much more.

So why the jeans?

For me it was those gosh darn jeans that would stare me in the face after having my babies. For whatever reason, jeans are that one item of clothing that we aim to get back into so desperately. It's the thought of "the day I get back into my jeans is the day I get my body back".

Getting our bodies back shouldn't be the goal, necessarily, but instead the goal should be to appreciate what your body has accomplished and now support it to be the healthiest body possible. When we focus on doing that, a strong, leaner body will follow.

Jeans are also linked to that 'mom pooch' we all experience after pregnancy. It's the natural result of growing a baby and our core's adjustment! Through the Strong Mom Bod program my aim is to give you the fitness support to begin to strengthen your core, those deep abdominals, to lessen that 'pooch'. Funny enough, one way to tighten those deep core muscles can be described as imagining you're trying to zip and button a tight pair of jeans!

We all have battled loving our body. I've found for myself and for other moms that when we focus on improving our physical strength and understanding healthy food to actually support our body, the restrictive diets and calorie counting fight can subside.

Let's enjoy life as a mom and do more things with our kids because we can!

Check out the program details for yourself >>> Strong Mom Bod Program

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