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Prime Day Fav's!

Amazon's Prime day might be 1000% better than Black Friday, mainly because I can shop in my pjs, there's no long lines and I get free 2 day shipping right to my doorstep. Win, win, win!

This day only happens once a year and the savings can be BIG!

I want to share with you what is on my personal shopping list and a few of my favorite items from Amazon that I buy on the regular. Add these items to your own wish list and get alerts if they go on sale during this Prime day event!

Before I share my list, if you don't have a Prime membership and still want to snag some deals, you can sign up for a 30 day trial now and get shopping! Just click below to get started:

**And just to note, clicking and purchasing using any of these links puts a few pennies in my bucket at no extra charge to you - thank you!

SUPPLEMENTS (for this Prime day the code to get $10 off of $40+ is PANTRY)


I love putting a scoop in my morning coffee, it's flavorless and mixes really well. Collagen is great for hair and nails, plus joint health and even gut health. It's a staple for me!

-Protein Powder

I use this protein and greens supplement when life gets busy and I need a quick meal full of protein and fiber. This is what I keep on hand so I don't get hungry - or hangry!

-Vitamin D + K2

Vitamin D is known to be a great vitamin for bone health, but so is vitamin K2! The two work very well together to promote strong bones and even to help prevent cancer. Always check with your doctor before adding any supplement to your regime.


Use creatine if you lift weights to help you increase muscle mass. Muscle is your friend if you have a fat loss goal. This supplement has been shown to be save and effective to help improve your strength in the gym and build lean muscle mass.

-Cod Liver Oil

Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oil is simply the best. It's got healthy omega-3 fats, vitamin A and D. This is a great option for pregnant and postpartum moms. *Note: if you already take a vitamin D supplement you could replace it with this natural form, always ask your primary doctor.


-Instant Pot

This is always the Prime Day winner! I love my Instant Pot and use it multiple times each week for food prep, fast dinners, and hands-off prep work. Snag a deal when you can!

-Ninja Blender

I LOVE my Ninja Blender system. You get smoothie cups, a bigger blender and a food processor with very sharp blades and a high powered blender to do any job fast. We make a lot of smoothies, protein bars, veggie dips like hummus and cookie doughs with this machine. Next to the Instant Pot it is hands down my favorite gadget in my kitchen!

-Immersion Blender

This is what I use to make homemade mayo, blend soups and sauces. It's worth it to me to be able to make my own mayo, but maybe I just love my mayo recipe a lot.


If you're not cooking with good knives then it is time to upgrade! I've had this set for almost 10 years now and they still look like new. I've sharpened them many times and chopping veggies is a lot more fun with a good knife!


-Loop Bands

These bands are essential for at-home workouts, especially to add resistance to lower body exercises. There are these cloth bands which are a little more expensive than the rubber ones, but 100% worth it! The rubber, thin bands roll up and bunch, they pull and pinch at your skin too. My husband doesn't like using the rubber loop bands because it pulls his leg hair! So these cloth bands are the solution for all of those issues.

-Resistance Bands

This kit has it all! A door anchor, varying weights and handles. I use my bands like this in almost every workout.

-Adjustable Dumbbells

Early on in my marriage my husband bought me a set of these dumbbells. Lifting heavy is the way to build muscle and having a set of heavy dumbbells like this is perfect for a home gym. They don't take up very much space and I always feel like a badass when I up my weight, this makes it easy to do that! If the price scares you away, just remember that the average gym membership is $50 per month. You could pay $600 per year for a gym membership you may not use or $300 on equipment you could keep forever.

-Exercise Ball

Hamstring curls, bridges, wall squats, back extensions ... there's a lot you can do with an exercise ball for a great workout at home. Plus the kids will enjoy it too ;)

-Pilates Ball

Alright, mamas, this one's for you! Add even more tension to your deep core exercises that you learn in my Strong Mom Bod program and squeeze those abs tight using a ball like this. It's smaller than the previous exercise ball and fits perfectly between your knees, pushing the ball together with your hands, fitting it under your back for some support, the list goes on.


Last but certainly not least is an exercise mat, the foundation to it all. I find that I slip a lot on carpet and I like to protect my carpet from sweat and stink by using a mat as well. You don't need a fancy one, just about anything will do the job, but I do like a thicker mat for my back.

There you have it! All of my Amazon essentials. Add what you want to your wish list and have fun shopping this Prime Day sale! Let me know what kind of deals you got over on Facebook or Instagram! ...saving money is my kind of fun.

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