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My Favorite Mommy Time Outs!

Self-care, alone time, mom time ... whatever you call it ... I like to call it my Mommy Time-Out because every time I send my daughter to her room for a time out I really wish I could just go to my room for every minute per year that I am...

Of course we all need a break to unwind, think about something other than what someone else needs, and just do something we enjoy.

Here are my favorite ways to enjoy some ME-time!

Drink coffee - ALONE! ...or with the Mr. but usually if I want to be kid-free it means that he has to be with the kids, so...

Soak in a HOT bath. You know, the kind of bath that is just a touch below burning point. The kind of bath that doesn't get cold after 10 minutes. The kind of bath that lasts for an entire podcast or two that leaves your skin red for at least an hour after you're done.

Lift weights. Getting alone time to get in a really good workout is rare these days. Working out, especially lifting heavier weights, is something that makes me feel good about myself, it goes so much deeper than fitness. It's a big mama boost! Usually I bargain for a few circuits of my no-equipment workouts which I still love. But nothing beats a good workout alone.

Watch your favorite show. I have shows that I watch with my husband and then I have shows that I watch by myself - you know the difference. These are the shows that I'd be embarrassed to watch with the Mr. but that I just can't say no to.

Take a nap. Seriously, when was the last time you took a real nap without waking up in a panic that your kid is awake and needs something? Sometimes I crave a good nap. The kind where you wake up even more tired than when you first laid down.

Have a girls night! And leave bedtime for the Mr. to handle. Nuff said??

Enjoy some dark chocolate. This happens almost every day for me, not gonna lie. Aldi has the best chocolate for this - 70% or even 85% dark chocolate in individually wrapped bars, perfect for a little treat to end a crazy day.


Mama, you do so much during the day. You take care of everyone else first. You put your needs last. So do something for you and only you, in some form or fashion, every day.

Schedule it - Prioritize it - Be selfish about it - Do what you need, even just for a half hour!

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