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The Strong Mom Bod Method

Ready to rebuild a stronger, leaner body after having been through pregnancy? 

This method walks you through the exact steps I took to rebuild my body after each of my pregnancies and how so many other moms have done the same, right at home, with just a few minutes per day.

This covers everything from balanced macros and strength training to support with healing diastasis recti and stopping that pesky leaking when you sneeze.


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Mother and Baby

Weekend Macros Workshop

Have you tried counting calories and it just never seemed to work for you? 

That was the frustration I felt many years ago before I really understood healthy eating for long-term fat loss.

In this 60 minute online workshop you'll learn the difference between calories and macros and why it matters.

You'll calculate the right amounts for you and your goals, and how to make adjustments so that you see the results you want.

You'll even get full meal plans with recipes and grocery list that fit your goals!

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Cooking Eggs

5 Week Workout Plan

Ready to begin an effective workout program specifically designed for postpartum moms like you? 

If you feel confident in your core strength and are ready to build lean muscle at home, this workout plan is for you! All you need is a pair of dumbbells. 

Muscle is our body's natural fat-burners, the key to long-term fat loss. With 3 short, effective workouts each week that target all areas of the body you'll see your body transform as you build lean muscle.


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